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Western Colorado / Eastern Utah Off-Road Riding Areas

Western Colorado is home to one of the best recreational areas in the Country with its abundance of various climates, elevations changes and types of terrain.  You can stay and play in the Grand Valley desert with it's epic dry washes and endless trails that can take you all the way to Utah, or drive In any direction about 1 hour and you can be riding at 10,000ft through dense pine trees and great sigle track on the Uncompahgre, or head west and enjoy the sites of 1000 ft high walls of red rock in Rabbit Valley.  No matter where you go, every area offers a unique experience of its own.


Plan a day or stay a week, we are happy to have you enjoy the hard work of the many off-road clubs and citizens of Western Colorado and Utah who have put countless hours into voluntering with the BLM and US Forest Service to keep our OHV trail systems open and useable for everyone to enjoy.


Click a destination button below to take you to the information on each OHV riding area.  If you have been to these areas and have a video or special stop along the way that is a must see, e-mail the information over to us so it can be added.

Kokopelli Trail
S. Uncompahgre
N. Uncompahgre
Grand Mesa

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