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Rabbit Valley Recreation Area

Take Interstate I-70 30 miles west of Grand Junction and 18 miles west of Fruitato Exit 2 and you will find the Rabbit Valley Recreational Area maintained by the BLM.  This multi-use area is home to the start of the Kokopelli Trail system (OHV Portion), the active Mygatt-Moore Quarry where over 4,000 dinosaur bones have been found since 1980 and some awesome technical motorcycle single track.


Most trails are rocky and technical up high with steep cliffs that offer amazing views of the desert floor below and across the boarder into Utah, but for those that prefer to keep the elevation climb to a minimum there are plenty of trails that leave any of the three campgrounds or OHV parking areas.   You can park either on the North or South side of Interstate 70, but accessing the North or South areas once parked is only available in Utah though an under highway access point or by returning to the parking lot.  This requires having both a Colorado and Utah OHV resident or non-resident sticker to ride the entire trail system, all of which are available at any local Colorado Powersports dealer.


Before heading out to the riding area, stop by the Museum of Western Colorado Dinosaur Journey in Fruita, Colorado located right off Interstate I-70.  This mueseum has great exhibits of life millions of years ago and will give you a keen eye for pointing out fossilized bones that you may encounter on your journey through Rabbit Valley.


There are no services at Rabbit Valley so pack a lunch, extra gas and lots of water in your hydration pack.  Cellular service can be spotty in the valleys so you may want to consider a PLB like a Spot or be sure to ride with a friend especially if you head into Utah where services are over 80 miles away or greater by trail.  Temps can easily get over 100 in the summer so head out early in the morning and be done by noon.


The campgrounds are rural and are designed more for small pick-up or tents and can be hard to maneuver RV's.  There are plenty of modern hotels and great restaurants in Fruita to satisfy your hunger after a long days ride.  Nearest powersports dealers are in Grand Junction.



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